Monday, November 19, 2012

Sony SLT-A55V: Killer!

Salmon Salad
Taken by Citra Anggraini Kusuma

What do you expect from a mirrorless camera? I expect smaller and lighter camera, of course, yet reliable to produce near-DSLR quality photos, of course. Not too much to ask, huh?

I was lucky the other day, my friend lent me his Sony SLT-A55V with two lenses: 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 and  50mm f/1.4. I know I always appreciate any camera, how simple it is, how complicated it is. Every camera is special and personal. As if it has its own life and character that communicates and adapts accordingly to its master. But I gotta say I was blown away by this baby.

Sony didn't pay me to write this post. Although it will be nice if they did :D
But you can browse on Shopbot to find even newer release of the camera.

The focus is deadly fast and accurate, color is amazing, sharpness and crispness are beyond expectation. I took it to the Food Photography Workshop where Citra, my foodstylist, and I had fun playing with it and produced great food photos. I also took it with me on my diving trip to Tulamben, Bali, as I thought my DSLR would be too bulky to carry.

So these are the photos taken with the camera with no or minimum editing. And by minimum, I mean one or two clicks max on level or color balance.


California Sushi Rolls Fish and Chips

Gado-Gado Tea & Palmier Pastry

Rib on Potato Tabasco Vase and Berries

Taken by Citra Anggraini Kusuma

What really made me happy was that these quality photos are no-brainer to create. I didn't think, I didn't do much setup, practically point and shoot. I can put my head to rest and let my palate control my fingers.

I really don't feel like returning this camera. *fleeing the country*

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