Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Mission On Earth

Bangket Kacang - before baking

Time flies. Yet another year, another idul fitri. I didn't plan to sell lebaran cookies this year, due to time and mental constraint. We have to finish wrapping up material for the upcoming book of NCC at the beginning of Ramadhan, that alone took me more than a week to recover. Then I still taught a few classes during fasting month, another slow recovery. Yet, I still craved to have obligatory cookies for idul fitri. No, it's not nastar nor kaasstengels. For me, those obligatory cookies are bangket :) Haha, you might be sick of this word by now, I don't care :D

Around mid Ramadhan last year, I baked Bangket Kacang using unpeeled peanuts, coz there is no way I would leave that beautiful tasty skin behind. It created the pretty specks on my bangket and it tasted better to my palate. I baked them again this year, around the same time of Ramadhan, along with its peer, Bangket Susu. The photo above was from last year, which later became the inside title cover of my book.

The Towers 1

So much for the plan, it wasn't quite agreed by a few customers. Allah The Most Beneficent. Some of them called, some of them twitted. I never thought I would feel guilty rejecting their orders, so I referred them to a friend instead, hoping they would be as satisfied. That worked for common cookies like Nastar, Kaasstengels, and such. But when they insisted on ordering PennyLane Cookies, I just had to fulfill it. It's my call, my holy mission on earth.

So, yeah. There I was, in my kitchen again, having fun baking the chocolate cookies, mound after mound, tower after tower. Not much, 12 towers in total, but satisfying as the sun. Allah The Most Compassionate. I have to say though, it was one of the greatest temptation that I could not lick the batter!

The Towers 2

Eid mubarak, everyone.
Forgive me for everything. And I mean everything.

1 Syawal 1433 H,

ps: all the bangkets were gone even before idul fitri *sigh*
so, so, so much for the plan..


  1. Yuhuuu... Mbak Riana, Selamat Lebaran Mbak.
    Maaf lahir batin ya.

    Pls let me know, kalo kelebihan cookies di rumah... aku pick up langsung ke Pejaten.

  2. Selamat Lebaran, Mbak Riana!!
    Sticker cookies-nya keren, tambah exist ajaah ;D

  3. Salam mbak Riana,

    Saya dulu ngikuti blog mbak yg di Blogsome, tp kok hari ini saya cari ga nemu? apa yg terjadi mbak dgn blogsome-nya?

    1. tutup, Rozy. Aku pindahkan seluruh konten ke Wordpress, linknya ada di paling atas: "Old Archives on Wordpress". Thank you for keeping coming back! :)